This year sees bowlers from aberford, knaresborough, middleton, cross gates, cottingham, rothwell and north leeds participating in the tournAment. please come and offer your support to your club mates at this special event. 

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, rather we get old because we stop playing”

Never is this more ably demonstrated than by those who play in this unique competition held annually at North Leeds on the 1st Sunday of August.

Can you think of any other physically active sporting competition in which the rules stipulate that all the entrants must be in their 90th year or above?

The original Brian-child of Jack Barstow, a North Leeds bowler, in 2005 this competition has been run successfully every year since. 

Each year the competition attracts roughly 150 spectators who come along to give support to their own “Champion” but equally it is a great time to catch up with old friends over a cupper and some of the delicious home made cakes.